The Causes and Consequences of Conflict and Violence

Over on the (always excellent) Economics That Really Matters blog I (with Heidi Kaila) recapped all of the papers related to conflict and violence at the 2019 Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) Conference.

The recent CSAE conference, an annual conference on the economic development in Africa organized at Oxford included great new conflict research, which examines both the causes and the consequences of conflict. In addition to political violence and war, the presented papers also examined household exposure to violence both in terms of victimization of the household as well as intimate partner violence (IPV). A smaller subset of papers also looked at government programs and conflict. Finally, we noticed that the ACLED database is widely used when studying political conflict in Africa.

Check out our brief summaries of some great papers: “The Causes and Consequences of Conflict and Violence | CSAE Recap

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