Poverty, Aspirations, and Hope in Rural Myanmar

Peer-Reviewed Publication:
– “Measuring Hope: A Quantitative Approach with Validation in Rural Myanmar” (with Duncan Boughton, Kyan Htoo, Aung Hein, and Ellen Payongayong); Journal of Development Studies, Forthcoming.

MS Thesis:
– “Measuring Hope: An Empirical Approach with Validation in Rural Myanmar” MS Thesis. Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University. 

Guest Blog Posts:
– “Measuring hope: Lessons from Rural Myanmar“; Economics That Really Matters.
– “The Economics that Really Matter: Hope for Rural Smallholder Farmers“; Global Food For Thought.
– “The Real-Life Psychological Impacts of Poverty Traps“; AgriLinks.

Refugee Resettlement, Secondary Migration, and Regional Development in the United States

Working Paper:
– “The Costs of Secondary Migration: Perspectives from Refugee Voluntary Agencies in the U.S.” (with Scott Loveridge); Under Review.

Research Essay:
– “The Secondary Migration of Refugees Resettled in the US” (with Scott Loveridge); Forced Migration Review, Issue 54; 2017.

Policy Brief:
– “Refugees in Rural Communities: A Win-Win?“; National Agriculture & Rural Development Policy Center; 2014

Evaluating Transformational Development through Local Churches in Western Kenya 

Peer Reviewed Publication:
– “Learning toward Transformation: Evaluating Material, Social, and Spiritual Impacts in Western Kenya“; Faith & Economics, Spring 2017, Issue 69, pp. 25-61.

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