Peer-Reviewed Publications

(1) “Aspirations, Risk Preferences, and Investments in Agricultural Technologies,” (with Alexis H. Villacis and Ashok K. Mishra); Food Policy, forthcoming, June 2023.

(2) “Good Intentions Gone Bad? The Dodd-Frank Act and Conflict in Africa’s Great Lakes Region,” Economic Development and Cultural Change, volume 71, no. 2, pp. 621-666, January 2023.
Pre-print PDF
– Replication files: Dataverse
– Blog coverage: World Bank Development Impact blog, IPA Weekly Links, This Week in Africa

(3) “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? Evidence from the Philippines,” (with Bruce Wydick); Economic Development and Cultural Change, volume 71, no. 2, pp. 753-791, January 2023.
Pre-print PDF
– Replication files: Dataverse

(4) “The Psychological Toll of Food Insecurity,” (with Mo Alloush); Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, volume 204, pp. 618-630, December 2022.
Pre-print PDF

(5) “The COVID-19 Pandemic and Food Security in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Review,” (with Jarrad Farris); Agriculture & Food Security, volume 11, no. 55, December 2022.
USDA ERS COVID-19 Working Paper, No. 94

(6) “The Contribution of the Online Agricultural and Resource Economics Seminar to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Agricultural and Applied Economics,” (with Marc F. Bellemare); Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, volume 44, issue 4, pp. 1909-1924, December 2022.

(7) “The Analysis of Human Feelings: A Practical Suggestion for a Robustness Test,” (with Andrew Oswald); Review of Income and Wealth, volume 68, issue 3, pp. 689-710, September 2022.
IZA Discussion Paper, No. 14632

(8) “Food Insecurity During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Four African Countries,” (with Jeff Michler, Anna Josephson, and Lorin Rudin-Rush); Food Policy, volume 111, August 2022.
USDA ERS Chart of Note
USDA ERS COVID-19 Working Paper, No. 102
– Replication files: Zenodo

(9) “Producers, Consumers, and Value Chains in Low- and Middle-Income Countries,” (with Marc F. Bellemare and Sunghun Lim); Handbook of Agricultural Economics, volume 6, chapter 89, pp. 4933-4996, May 2022.

(10) “How Much Does the Cardinal Treatment of Ordinal Variables Matter? An Empirical Investigation,” Political Analysis, volume 30, issue 2, pp. 197-213, April 2022.
– Replication files: Code Ocean and Dataverse

(11) “Neighborhood Violence, Poverty, and Psychological Well-Being,” (with Mo Alloush); Journal of Development Economics, volume 154, January 2022.
Pre-print PDF

(12) “Does Psychological Well-Being Mediate Economic Well-Being? Short-Term Evidence from a Multifaceted Program in the Philippines,” (with Rashmita Gandhe); Journal of Development Effectiveness, volume 13, issue 3, pp. 292-308, May 2021.

(13) “Aspirations and Investments in Rural Myanmar,” Journal of Economic Inequality, volume 19, pp. 727-752, July 2021.

(14) “The Influence of Hidden Researcher Decisions in Applied Microeconomics,” (with Nick Huntington-Klein [project lead], Andreu Arenas, Emily Beam, Marco Bertoni, Pralhad Burli, Naibin Chen, Paul Greico, Godwin Ekpe, Todd Pugatch, Martin Saavedra, and Yaniv Stopnitzky); Economic Inquiry, volume 59, issue 3, pp. 944-960, June 2021.
IZA Discussion Paper, No. 13233
– Named “Best Article of 2021” by Economic Inquiry

(15) “The Coronavirus Pandemic and Food Security: Evidence from Mali,” (with Guigonan Serge Adjognon and Aly Sanoh); Food Policy, volume 101, May 2021.
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, No. 9474
USDA ERS Amber Waves 

(16) “COVID-19 and Conflict,” (with Colette Salemi); World Development, volume 140, April 2021.
– Blog coverage: Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog

(17) “Does Contract Farming Improve Welfare? A Review,” (with Marc F. Bellemare); World Development, volume 112, pp. 259-271, December 2018.

(18) “Measuring Hope: A Quantitative Approach with Validation in Rural Myanmar,” (with Duncan Boughton, Kyan Htoo, Aung Hein, and Ellen Payongayong); Journal of Development Studies, volume 54, issue 11, pp. 2078-2094, August 2018.

(19) “The Costs of Secondary Migration: Perspectives from Refugee Voluntary Agencies in the U.S.,” (with Scott Loveridge); Journal of International Migration and Integration, volume 19, issue 2, pp. 233-251, May 2018.

(20) “Learning toward Transformation: Evaluating Material, Social, and Spiritual Impacts in Western Kenya,” Faith & Economics, Issue 69, pp. 25-61, Spring 2017.

Working Papers

(1) “The Paper of How: Estimating Treatment Effects with the Front-Door Criterion,” (with Marc F. Bellemare and Noah Wexler); Under Review.

(2) Social Protection Amid a Crisis: New Evidence from South Africa’s Older Person’s Grant Program,” (with Mo Alloush and Jonathan Malacarne); Under Review.

(3) “Private Sector Promotion of Climate-Smart Technologies: Experimental Evidence from Nigeria,” (with Guigonan Serge Adjognon, Lenis Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, and Andrew Dillon); Under Review.
IFPRI Discussion Paper, No. 02155

(4) “Herder-Related Violence, Agricultural Work, and the Informal Sector as a Safety Net,” (with David Francis, Harrison Mitchell, and Amy Damon).

(5) “Survey Ordering and the Measurement of Welfare,” (with Khandker Wahedur Rahman and Marc F. Bellemare); Under Review.

Ongoing Projects

(1) “Digital Finance and Women’s Economic Empowerment: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Transaction Costs,” (with Khandker Wahedur Rahman)
BRAC BIGD project page
In the field

(2) “Employment and Compensation in Agri-Food Value Chains,” (with Christopher B. Barrett, Patrick Canning, Miguel Gomez, Dianna Tran, and Molly Ingram)

(3) “Agricultural Technology Adoption, Productivity, and Deforestation,” (with Clark Lundberg)

(4) “Understanding Financial Access in the Midstream of Agricultural Value Chains: An Application of Respondent Driven Sampling,” (with Kate Ambler, Alan de Brauw, and Sylvan Herskowitz)

Policy Briefs & Lightly Peer-Reviewed Publications

(1) “Financial Services and Logistics Innovations within Agri-Food Supply Chains: A Conceptual Framework,” (with Kate Ambler and Alan de Brauw); International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Initiative Note, No. 1, 2022.

(2) “Integrating Gender into the Market Information System in Cote d’Ivoire,” (with Maria Deborah Barou and Arlene Amy Nea Dey); World Bank Report, no. 173226, The World Bank Group, 2021.

(3) “Mali’s Rural-Urban Gap in Food Security Vanished Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic,” Amber Waves, US Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, 2021.

(4) “The Secondary Migration of Refugees Resettled in the US,” (with Scott Loveridge); Forced Migration ReviewIssue 54; 2017.

(5) “Refugees in Rural Communities: A Win-Win?,” National Agriculture & Rural Development Policy Center; 2014.

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