Links I like [3.14]

Some assorted links from the past month:

The Professionalization of Development Volunteering

Overcoming “The Resource Curse” in Africa

“Not-so-reluctant entrepreneurs” and accompanying Working Paper

India does Seinfeld

Selected links (to papers) from Center for the Study of African Economies 2015 conferece

Debunking the Myth of the Job-Stealing Immigrant with a strong candidate for quote of the year:
“Whenever I’m tempted by the notion that humans are rational beings, carefully evaluating the world and acting in ways that maximize our happiness, I think of our meager immigration policies. For me, it’s close to proof that we are, collectively, still jealous, nervous creatures, hoarding what we have, afraid of taking even the most promising risk, displaying loyalty to our own tribe while we stare, suspiciously, at everyone else. It’s nice to believe that I am part of a more mature, rational generation, that my grandfather’s old ways of thinking are dying away. But I’m not so sure. We might be a lot more like him than we want to think.”

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