Handbook Chapter on Agri-Food Value Chains in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Last month my esteemed co-authors, Marc Bellemare and Sunghun Lim, and I published a chapter on agri-food value chains within low- and middle-income countries in volume six of the Handbook of Agricultural Economics. It was both a huge honor and a huge undertaking to write this chapter about such a rich and important literature. A handbook chapter like this one represents the work of many beyond the authors and includes the volume editors, reviewers, and participants of a workshop where we presented an early draft of our chapter. My co-authors and I are so grateful for the constructive feedback we received throughout the process of writing this chapter.

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Contract Farming and Causal Inference

I am excited to announce that Marc Bellemare and I have a new paper out in World Development. It is a review of the contract farming literature in developing countries. In the review we do three things. First, we briefly introduce the institution of contract farming in developing countries. Second, we review evidence from the literature on the question: “Does contract farming improve welfare?” and find that, in terms of present-day standards for credible causal inference, the ability of policy-makers to learn much from this literature is relatively low. Finally, we discuss where the literature on contract farming should focus itself in the future.

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