Podcasting with the Accord Research Alliance

I while back I posted about a neat new podcast run by some of the individuals who make up the Accord Research Alliance. The Accord Research Alliance is a group of people who are interested in implementing monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning initiatives in their work with faith-based international development. One of their members, Nathan Mallonee from Living Water International, was nice enough to invite me to contribute to their podcast series. We recorded the episode a while back and the podcast is now available.

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Measuring what Matters (a new podcast on evaluation in faith-based development)

Last week I was introduced to a new podcast organized by the Accord Research Alliance (a group of faith-based development organizations) focusing on the intersection of faith-based development and impact evaluation. This is much overdue service and one that I hope survives the test of time.

The Soundcloud page for the podcast is here.

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[Book Review] Slow Kingdom Coming

Over the past few weeks – in the break between semesters – I’ve been able to find time to read. I’ve read less than I wanted to (of course), but have thoroughly enjoyed each of the books I read. In this post, I will review one of these books, Slow Kingdom Coming: Practices for Doing Justice, Loving Mercy, and Walking Humbly in the World by Kent Annan. Kent is an author and speaker on the broad topic of faith-based development. He is the co-director of the NGO, Haiti Partners, which works in Haiti providing educational opportunities to children. Additionally, Kent is a brother in law to (probably) the most famous development economics blogger ever, Chris Blattman, and this relationship shows when Kent writes about data and rigorous evidence.

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