Elmina Slave Castle

Last weekend our group traveled to Elmina, Ghana for a weekend excursion. We visited the Kakum national forest with its famous ‘canopy walkway’ and spent most of Saturday on the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. We also visited and toured the St. George’s castle in Elmina. This castle has been used for many things over the years. But by far the most galvanizing is its use as a port for the trans-Atlantic slave trade during the seventeenth century. Upon thinking of a word to describe the experience a few came to mind, ‘sobering’ seemed to top the list. The reality of the atrocity of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was visible and palpable. I spent most of the time in the castle feeling emotionally numb. The absurdity of slave trade is obvious simply by reflecting on the loss of humanity. I feel most everyone who visits the slave castle in Elmina prays the same prayer as the plaque in the middle of the castle longs for, “May human kind never again perpetuate this type of wickedness”.

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Travel Diary

I am here! In Accra. At the University of Ghana. I have been adjusting and getting acclimated the past couple days. It has been very fun! And I am very excited about the upcoming semester and the adventures I will experience. I decided to keep a travel log about my few days of travel to Ghana. Over the coming 4 months I will be taking classes at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana at Legon three days per week. The other two week days I will be volunteering at the Hopeline Institute researching the make up and characteristics of medium sized businesses in developing countries, specifically in Ghana.

The inspiration for this post comes from Bill Simmons and his annual NBA Draft Diaries.

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Destination as Journey

Watch this…

Did you catch it…

“… the journey is the destination.” The punch line of this comercial caught my attention. The comercial seems trivial at first (I mean lets face it, we ran out of creative ideas to sell cars about 10 years ago) but I realized this was scratching the surface of something very profound. Of course the comercial is about vacations and cars but, what if instead of thinking about vacation we thought about vocation?

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