New Website Features (!)

Those of you who have previously visited my blog may notice that there are several new features on this website. These changes are necessary partly because this website began as a travel blog during my senior year in college while I was studying at the University of Ghana. (For those interested, check out some of my reflections from that time.) These changes are also necessary because this website has become a more professional outlet for me and I am preparing to go on the job market.

So here is a list of the new features of this website:

(1) Static landing ‘home’ page

Adding this page now makes this website look like a standard economics job market website. A picture of me is on the right and the page lists what I do, where I’ve been, and that I am available for interviews… blah blah blah. As with a lot of things, there is a benefit associated with not deviating from the norm. I’ve tried to stay true to form with this page.

Perhaps most importantly, this page includes a link to my most up-to-date CV, a link to my Google Scholar page, and an invitation to connect with me on Twitter.

(2) Updated research page

This page looks fairly similar to the old research page. The key update is the ordering of sub-sections and an updated list of ongoing projects. This page will include up-to-date links to my working papers and, most importantly, my job market paper.

(3) New teaching page

A brand new addition to the website is a teaching page. This page lists some of my teaching-related experiences. Admittedly, relative to my experience as a researcher, my teaching experience is limited. Since last fall, however, I have participated in the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program through the University of Minnesota. This includes a teaching mentorship and teaching opportunities at a local institution of higher education. I am spending my time at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. I have also been mentoring and working with several individuals (one high school student and one college student) on their honors research projects.

(4) Updated presentations page

This page looks mostly the same as the old presentations page, but now includes a list of “upcoming” presentations. I will try my best to keep this as up-to-date as possible. If you are going to the same upcoming conference, let’s catch up.

Let me know what you think of these new features. Any sort of feedback will be valuable to me!

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