Podcasting with the Accord Research Alliance

I while back I posted about a neat new podcast run by some of the individuals who make up the Accord Research Alliance. The Accord Research Alliance is a group of people who are interested in implementing monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning initiatives in their work with faith-based international development. One of their members, Nathan Mallonee from Living Water International, was nice enough to invite me to contribute to their podcast series. We recorded the episode a while back and the podcast is now available.

Here is a link to the Soundcloud page.

In the podcast Nathan and I cover a lot of ground. We talk about my blog and about recent work integrating international development, economics, policy, and theology. We talk about what it means to “measure what matters”. And we talk about a little bit of my research in Western Kenya and trying to quantifiably measure the concept of hope.

I had fun recording the podcast. I might say some things differently (and certainly more clearly) now, but I suppose that is how it goes with podcasting. Enjoy!

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