Mini-Summaries from MIEDC 2018

A couple weekends ago, my department (Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota) hosted the Midwest International Economic Development Conference (MIEDC). It is a smaller conference with tremendous quality of presentations. Despite this, many are not able to attend the conference or even all of the sessions. As a service to those interested, a few colleagues and I posted a recap of the 2018 MIEDC on the Economics That Really Matters blog.

The recap is separated into three individual posts:

  1. Agriculture and Finance
  2. Education and Health
  3. Poverty, Labor, Politics, and Methods

This recap is not possible to complete alone. This year I benefited from collaboration with my esteemed APEC UMN classmates Khandker Wahedur Rahman and Harshada Karnik. Additionally, I’d like to thank excellent editorial work by Linden McBride and Mo Alloush.

If you really enjoy these types of posts, see recap from the 2016 MIEDC, also posted on the Economics That Really Matters blog.

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