Links I Like [Dictionary Edition]

Over the last month or so, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has been pushing out excellent content – particularly as it surrounds all of the political craziness and chaos.

Here is a post about the meaning of “facts” or “a piece of information presented as having an objective reality”.

Here is a post about the origins of the word “Refugee“.”‘Refugee’ came directly from the French word ‘réfugié’ with a very specific meaning: it referred to Protestants who fled France following the revocation in 1685 of the Edict of Nantes.”

Here is a post about the word “Anathema“, which apparently saw a spike is searches after several faith leaders wrote a letter responding to the Executive Order which temporarily suspended refugee resettlement in the United States. They said “… discrimination against any group based solely upon religion is wrong and anathema to the great traditions of religious and personal freedoms upon which this country was founded.”

Here is a post on the origins of the word “vet” (as in “extreme vetting”). “As a verb vet has several senses: it may refer to the providing of medical care (to an animal or a person), or to evaluate a person or thing, either as an appraisal, or for approval.”

Here is a post about the difference in the words “presume” and “assume“. “‘Presume’ is the word to use if you’re making an informed guess based on reasonable evidence. If you’re making a guess based on little or no evidence, the word to use is ‘assume’.”

Finally, a post about the real meaning of the word, “Tweetstorm“.

Whoever you voted for or in whatever direction your political biases tend to lean, you have to admit that the President must be having a pretty rough transition if the dictionary is trolling him…

For those who  are interested, here is an interview with the woman behind these posts and @MerriamWebster is a great follow on Twitter. 


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