Mini-Summaries from MIEDC 2016

A recent trend at nerdy development conferences is for someone to round up and post summaries of the selected papers and presentations. (For example, here is David Evans summarizing the latest CSAE conference.) I think this trend generates a tremendous resource for both folks who were unable to attend the conference or folks who did attend but were unable to witness every presentation of interest.

Continuing this trend, several colleagues and I set out to summarize every presentation at the 2016 Midwest International Economic Development Conference (MIEDC) held last weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although we ultimately were unable to attend every session, we were able to witness most of them. Miniature summaries of the presentations were collected and have been posted on the Economics That Really Matters blog.

MIEDC 2016: Recap

This (probably) goes without saying, but if you are at all interested in the complexities of development economics, poverty reduction, international agricultural development, or applied microeconomics then you should probably be following the Economics That Really Matters blog.

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