Links I Like [11.14]

1. Should Political Science Research Influence Politics? Chris Blattman on the ethics of doing research that actually tries to makes things better in the real world

2. Always Regulated, Never Protected: How Markets Work
Money quote: “At the same time, the argument that what conflict-affected countries need is an increase in good jobs – for stronger growth and safer societies – is compelling yet reductive. For one thing, the data required to support the idea that unemployment breeds violence simply do not exist. For another, the mainstream economic policy lens renders most women’s work invisible, consigning participation in the reproductive economy to the margins. And finally, the evidence we do have actually suggests that the main problem tends not to be that people aren’t working, but that they are forced and locked into forms of economic activity that are exploitative and which fail to produce much in the way of decent returns. In many developing countries, underemployment is a far greater problem. People are working, but the labour market is not working for them. Millions end up in forms of self-employment, arguably not because they are ‘born entrepreneurs’ but rather out of a lack of viable alternatives.”

3. How Can Faith Based Groups Get Better at Campaigning for Climate Change? A Biblical climate change policy proposal

4. Private Sector Development Policy Innovation Lab – Call for for Innovative Ideas on SME Growth and Entrepreneurship

5. Health Tip: Find Purpose in Life The science behind theology

6. The Hipster Effect: When Anticonformists All Look the Same The applied math behind why people who can be described as being different from everyone, always look the same

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