Killer Facts: Ebola

I was going to post a “Killer Facts: Ebola” blog post focusing around this graph:


But then the facts became as clear as mud with this chart seemingly showing the same information for just Liberia:

BzwiN_ECYAApEI5 (1)

Finally Kirsty Newman, development blogger over at DFID posted her own Ebola Rant. She pretty much said everything I was thinking. So in an effort to cut down on duplicity, check out her thoughts. A highlight:

I find it deeply depressing that, if you were to take this media coverage as indicative of people in the US and Europe’s interest, you would conclude that they only take Ebola seriously when it starts to affect people in their own country. It’s as if we are incapable of acknowledging our shared humanity with the people of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Those are people just like us. People who have hopes and ambitions. People who love their children and get irritated by their mothers-in-law. People who crave happiness. People who are terrified of the prospect of dying an excruciating and undignified death. Why is the immense suffering of these people not enough to get our attention and sympathy?? How could we be so selfish as to get panicked by the incredibly unlikely prospect of the virus spreading in our countries when it already is spreading and causing misery to our fellow human beings???

I mean, if the media of America and Europe wanted to be evidence-informed about their selfishness, they would be spending their time worrying about things far more likely to kill us – cancer, obesity and even the flu. Or they could extend their empathy at least to their children’s’ generation and spend time worrying about global warming.

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