Links I Like [9.14]

Oops I missed a month of Links I Like. I guess grad school started…

You Can’t Feed a Family With G.D.P. This is the best article about the worst part of the US economy right now. Sure the US economy is growing, but the median household income (really all that matters) is falling. Oh yea, that guy, Pikkety, might have had a point…

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 9.30.41 PM

Do in-kind Transfers Damage Local Markets? The Case of TOMS Shoe Donations in El Salvador Spoiler alert: The title is a bit leading but it seems the answer is probably not. For all you TOMS do-gooders out there, don’t feel too warm and fuzzy, there is little to no evidence of TOMS helping either.

Sorry Hipsters, That Organic Kale is a Genetically Modified Food Yep, GMOs are not bad, generally speaking.

Perverse Payment by Results: Frogs in a Pot and Straitjackets for Obstacle Courses Robert Chambers strait up nipping the Payment by Results (PbR) development fad in the bud.


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