Links I Like [Warlord Edition]

1. Remember Invisible Children? That organization you either heard about in college or heard about from your college aged relative. Their impact may be unmatched among college students. In fact, a few friends and I founded a student organization in the wake of a failed Invisible Children rally at our college. Their impact on the ground in Northern Uganda, however, is ambiguous and contentious. The following article by Buzzfeed (!) is actually really great! It summarizes the rise and fall of an organization and its leader while wading through the hailstorm that was the aftermath of IC’s most popular viral video. Has Invisible Children Grown Up

2. If you are wondering, “Hey, what is the latest with Joseph Kony?” He’s still out there and still commanding his organization the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). In fact the US has just commissioned increased Special Operations forces to assist in the hunt. Of course the story is more complicated, read about it here: U.S. sends Osprey aircraft, more Special Operations forces to hunt Ugandan warlord

3. Speaking of quality reporting on conflict in Africa… The New Face of African Conflict

4. So what characterizes a ‘warlord’ anyway? Certainly a warlord is a person who terrorizes people of a region for personal gain, but can a President of a country be a warlord? You tell me… Murder in Uganda

5. The following is from TAL episode 518: Except For That One Thing, a narration of a chapter from B.J. Novak’s (yes, Ryan from The Office) new book. It you actually read the following pieces, this may be just the comic relief you need. Act 1: Not Ok Cupid

ICIMI: General Butt Naked from Liberia

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